Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Turkey Cookies

I want to begin by letting everyone know that I have never had a blog before, so if this is terribly boring, or if I ramble, which I tend to do, take it easy on me. I am a blog virgin. We all have to start somewhere, don't we?

The point of this blog is to document my journey through baking. Presently, I would consider myself a pretty good baker, though others might disagree. :( I hope not. Anyway, I would like to become an expert baker, and if all goes according to plan, I would love to do it for a job. The purpose of this blog is to record my successes, failures, and everything in between, so that maybe I will learn from it somewhere down the road. When I am a Great Baker.

So. The first stop on this journey to greatness is the super-basic Sugar Cookies Decorated to Look Like Something. In this case, I decorated them to look like turkeys. It was for Thanksgiving. I used Pillsbury sugar cookie dough, and this recipe - Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies.

They turned out cute as hell, of course. I mean, it's hard to mess up a recipe as simple as this one. My dear brothers helped me decorate, so some of the faces turned out looking...well, special. But I marked this one down as a Success.

Aren't they just presh?

Something I would do differently in the future is, I would not use so much chocolate frosting across the top to hold on the "feathers". It was too rich, I thought. A precaution to anyone who might make this recipe themselves:  The gel that goes on the eyes never hardens, so to keep them from getting stale, you pretty much have to put them in a Tupperware container or something similar. Maybe this is common knowledge, but there you go.

The finished product. :)

They were a hit at our family get-together. The kids loved them, and the adults thought they were cute. My mother asked why the eyes were crossed. I told her that one was decorated by my brother.

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