Friday, December 7, 2012

Oreo Cookie Truffles

This is one of the easiest recipes in existence - but it fools everyone! They think it's fancy and complex, because they're that damn good.

When I saw the recipe for Oreo Cookie Truffles, I knew we already had a thing of cream cheese in the fridge that would go bad soon if I didn't use it. I really owed it to the household to make these, or that would have been money down the sink, right?

Seriously, all this recipe calls for is one container of cream cheese, one box of Oreos, and two boxes of semi-sweet baking chocolate. That's it. For something that looks and tastes so great, it's hard to believe it's really so simple.

I ended up only mixing 31 and a half Oreos with the cream cheese, because I set four aside to top the truffles with, and my son was bothering me while I was making them so I gave him half of an Oreo. It turned out perfectly. I actually could have set less than four aside for the topping because I ended up having quite a bit left over. Maybe only two would have done the job.

They turned out perfectly, though! I dipped each ball in the chocolate using a toothpick, and covered the hole with the leftover Oreo crumbs.

The recipe said it would make 48 truffles, and that's exactly how many it made. Except two fell into the chocolate and I couldn't pull them out without them tearing apart, so it only made 46.

Let me tell you how good they were. I made them Tuesday night, and by the same time the next night, there were only two left.

I have seen and heard of several variations on this recipe. One I'd like to try would be the same recipe, except dipped in white chocolate. For Christmas, they could be topped with candy cane crumbs. Or I could dip them in white chocolate and drizzle dark or milk chocolate over top. Or I could dip them in white chocolate and draw on snowman faces with edible markers. So many possibilities! All delicious.

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